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Electric ERHU

  • Release Date:2016-05-31

Technical Specs:

l       Basic components include: Injection molded body, solid metal shaft, synthesizer pickup, filter output circuitry, digital display metronome and tuner.

l       Created according to tradition, but with the specialty of modern design, this instrument is well suited to both classical and modern music.


Differences From the Traditional Erhu:

l       Modern craftsmanship techniques such as injection molding, s***ping, and electroplating makes the the electric erhu superior to the traditional instrument in terms of production cycles and manufacturing cost.

l       Because unlike the traditional instrument, the electric erhu construction does not use rare woods and precious wildlife, it also has an environmental protection advantage. The E-erhu is made of all recyclable materials and is ready for export, as animal protection restrictions do not apply.

l       Because of its electronic technology, the E-erhu is very adjustable in terms of tone, making it very playable with other acoustic or electric instruments. Its onboard tuner and metronome are perfect come practice time, and its earphone plug-in makes silent practice a breeze.

l       The E-erhu's modern ergonomic design makes it comfortable and fun to play.


Suggested applications:

l       Education and training, modern acoustic or electric bands, classical troupes and orchestras

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